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Beta 2, which adds diplomacy, trade, the United Planets, and the Krynn faction, is now available! Log into your Steam client to automatically update Galactic Civilizations III, and don’t forget to give us your feedback on the official or Steam forums.

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Added Diplomacy

Added the Krynn Faction: Including Racial traits and Unique Technology Tree

Added the ability to trade: Credits, Techs, Ships, Starbases, Planets and Strategic Resources

Added the ability to build trade routes with other players planets

Added Rally Points, to command your fleets to a location of your choosing

Added United Planets and United Planets Resolutions in order to govern the galaxy

Added a new mood system which drives the AI's choices in decision making

Added the Influence Victory

Added the Alliance Victory

Added the Ascension Victory

Added the Research Victory

Added Universal Translator Tech, needed in order to communicate with the other factions of the game

Added two options to the game settings : Event Frequency & United Planets Frequency

Added In-game Victory Options, to change the victory conditions of the game if you so choose

Added the flavor text system which is the foundation to create unique user experiences

Added decommission button to shipyard screen, enabling the ability to delete an unwanted shipyard

Added a first contact screen when you meet another civilization for the first time

Added Galactic events (19 new events) which can randomly occur as you play

Added the ability to have Galactic Events offer ideological choices in how you deal with them (similar to colonization events)

Added new music to Diplomacy, Govern and Ship Yard Screens

Added Precursor Relics

Added Huge galaxy map size

Can now decommission ships and get credits back

Too many balance changes to mention


Added Diplomacy/Foreign Relations Screen

Added trade screen and trade route map making it easier to manage and view trade routes

Added Rally Points Screen giving you the ability to command ships to their desired location

Added treaties screen so that treaties can be observed or broken if desired

Added "at war/peace" icons to the power tab to display which civilzations you are at war/peace with

Added a popup to display when a planet becomes culture flipped

Brought back adjacency arrows to the planet screen

Approval system updated: production now slows when the treasury goes negative

Added you have been invaded notification

Added a popup to display ship movement on the hex grid, making it easier to calculate ship movement

Fixed mini map scaling issues, (so it fits in the box better)

Enabled minimap zoom

Made the minimap able be displayed on other screens. (Trade routes - Rally points etc.)

New shipyards will now request the starting planet

Loading screen now has a check box list of sponsor planets so player can choose what planets to take population from

Population on the main game window to only show 1 decimal "12.5" instead of "12.50"

Weaker AI fleets gang up on a stronger fleet
AI are now better at improvement placing choices, use adjacency, and use planet features

AI now reuses shipyards instead of just making one every time for each planet


Fixed mini map scaling issues (so it fits in the box better)

New font system so that text would display for Intel embedded graphics users (also improved performance)

Smooth ship movement on screen (reduce zigzag patterns)

Fixed issues with Black holes being visible over the FOW

Camera now centers on the planet that is being colonized

Camera now centers on the battle that is taking place

Fixed a bug where there was an issue with Planets attacking adjacent ship

Fixed long loading times

Fixed particle effect performance issues

Fixed graphical issues with the ships

Fixed crash when custom parts were added to ship design

Fixed an issue that allowed you to put more than 1 cargo modules per ship

Fix error in Prerequisites on Culture Improvements

Fixed an issue where star bases and shipyards would not observe logistics laws

Fixed an issue on the planet screen where terraforming selection tiles go off of the map

Fixed an issue where ships would animate under FOW

Loading ships now take evenly from all sponsor worlds by default

Fixed an issue with non-english symbol/character in the user's profile path causing the game to not save properly

Memory Usage fixes

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on Oct 16, 2014

That just happened, thanks for the video reference. Hahahaha 

on Oct 16, 2014

The Day of the Triffids is one of the great little sf books, and a truly dire Hollywood movie.

Greatness of book:

  • Triffids learn(!) to herd blind humans.  i.e. it's all about population and farms, and they're the farmers we're food
  • The triffids don't-lose.  In GC3 terms, your 8 nearest neighbors' invasion fleets are packed 6-deep around your last planet, you're not-that-close to your Technological Victory ... and then they exceed electron shell repulsion strength, collapse your walls, and invade.  The end.  (OK, the protagonists escape, according to plan.)  Actually, there could be sequels galore, given that the power imbalance persists.

Tomato-ness of movie:

  • 50s-cheese monster-movie Boy-Girl-Monster-Lighthouse scene.  (The lighthouse generalizes to any multi-level structure with a circular cross-section, esp. a spaceship, with a ladder to the next floor.  In fact, I think the directors started from the spaceship-theme, and then wracked their brains for a 50s-Earth building of the same floor plan.  Like replacing eggs in the cake recipe with mayonnaise.)
  • Sea water dissolves them.  Groan.
  • Abrupt jump-cut from At Night in Jungle on Foot Amidst Shadows to ... Navy F9Fs in Broad Daylight Dropping One Bomb Each.  Triumphant crescendo, Navy Beats Aliens, roll end credits.  That's it?  (c.f. Dragnet)

Robinson Crusoe, USN was funnier.

on Oct 16, 2014

Beta 2 = Ver 0.50, BuildId 411098.

Released Thu 10/16 ~13:16 EDT.


on Oct 16, 2014

Special Note

 For those with the integrated graphics cards. After getting the Beta 2 update be sure to set your graphics settings to
 High Performance mode to get the best performance.