A trip through the fantasy worlds I enjoy

A new PHC building, the Refinery, re-done SFX for in-game 
notifications, performance optimization for lower-end video cards, and more!


  • Added the Refinery building to the PHC. The Refinery increases the resource production of the region it is built in by 20%, multiple refineries can be built in a region.
  • Added 2 new maps for matched rank games.
  • Redone sfx for nearly all the game's notifications.
  • Neue Deutsch Benachrichtigungstöne.
  • Performance optimization to reduce the amount of video memory required to play.
  • Fixed an issue where bombers could stop flying over targets, and bomb them endlessly.
  • The Ascendancy Wars Hall of Fame allows you to track your progress through the campaign as well as scenarios and compare scores with your friends.
  • You can now friend people from the Custom Lobby window.
  • You can now sort the skirmish maps by size, number of players or alphabetically.
  • Fixed an issue with dynamic icon sizes on the minimap.
  • Saves are not compatible with far future versions of Ashes (for players with time machines).
  • Fixed tracking on the Mauler's secondary guns.


  • Mauler max energy reduced from 200 to 180.
  • Reaper max energy increased from 10 to 15.
  • Punisher squad size reduced from 3 to 1.
  • Punisher HP increased from 220 to 300.
  • Punisher shields increased from 800 to 1200.
  • Punisher shield regen rate increased from 0.5 to 3.
  • Punisher radioactive cost reduced from 330 to 240.
  • Punisher heavy cannon cool down reduced from 4.2 to 2.1.
  • Punisher heavy cannon volleys reduced from 4 to 3.
  • Adjusted AI to the new balance changes.

on May 26, 2016

Sweet, updated and about to have a look. Even if it is 5am!