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Heir to the Scryve

In Star Control: Origins you had a chance to save the galaxy and meet some very dangerous, troubled, strange (and overly friendly) aliens along the way. There may or may not have been some cannibalism involved. After the successful completion of Origins, the threat was stopped and the galaxy was at peace. What is there for a snarky ship commander to do?

Expand the influence of Earth, of course. It's time to get out into the solar system and to start becoming a galactic civilization (that sounds like a great name for a game). That is the story of the Earth Rising expansion. Earth's first star base outside of our solar system is set up and the Earth is looking to create colonies on distant planets.

Of course, there are aliens to encounter, friends or enemies to make depending on your choices, and lots of battles and lore to uncover.


In Episode 4 the Scryve have been defeated, and though they were cruel, they maintained some order in this corner of the galaxy. It will be up to the player to determine if he wants to fill the roll of the vacant Scryve with the same iron fist they ruled with, or a more diplomatic method.


Along the way the player will encounter old friends, new enemies, and find that space has been populated with more locations than ever before. And these are available even to first time players, making the galaxy more full of life even for those who haven't completed the story line of Star Control: Origins yet. Head out to the space station that serves as a watering hole, or hang out with a mix of aliens in the Kapetyn's Star system and have a drink, recruit some new crew, accept some jobs, and experience the horror that is a Drenkend karaoke group.


Episode 4 also concludes the story line of Earth Rising as the player pursues the Lexites, investigates the disappearance of Commander Magara, and aids the space station Deep Horizons in building a fleet of colony ships to spread out to the galaxy.

Earth Rising adds over 200 new characters to Star Control, over 70 new locations to explore, and dozens of new quests.

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