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The last of the Beta 3 series is now available to download. Below is the change log that goes over what's new versus the build from 2 weeks ago.

Foreword from the frog

Beta 3 has been the faction differentiation beta and we will continue to refine the different factions between now and release. At this stage, each faction has some truly distinctive features that should make the game play experience different for each one.

To recap:

  • Magnar, home of the demon elves, can train slaves that, while weaker, don't have to be paid.
  • Gilden, land of the Ironeers, can construct huge iron golems.
  • Altar, where adventurers dwell, can recruit henchmen who act much like champions (except if they die in battle, they're gone).
  • Kraxis, the embodiment of pragmatism, can use influence to bribe units and even cities to join them.
  • Yithril, where the Trogs come from, are able to train monstrous juggernauts who do massive damage (see picture below).
  • Tarth, the most popular faction with players, don't get attack by monsters (other than in wild lands). Go ahead, build that city surrounded by monsters. No defenses needed, the monsters will take care of the trespassers.
  • Pariden, where the heirs of the ancient Magi, led by Queen Procipinee, can conjure outposts anywhere outside the FOW and rippling with magic.
Between now and release (still months away), we'll be enhancing these further. But we hope, as you play this new beta, you find that each faction's ability is ridiculously over powered, and unfair to everyone else.  Our job will be to make sure that they're roughly equally ridiculously overpowered.  The goal being that each player will play quite differently.  And we're still just getting started.
The next beta (Beta 4) won't be here for about a month. That beta is all about your civilization. A new city construction system will be introduced, the FE specific economic system will be introduced. 
In the meantime, have fun...

 What's new in 0.915.


+ Traits can now limited to certain units types (iron golem only traits, slave only traits, etc)

+ Added splash damage feature (a percent of the melee damage done is done to surrounding units, enemies and allies alike)

+ Added damage reflection feature (a percent of damage done to the target is done back to the attacker)

+ Added the Juggernaut designable unit (trog only)

+ Added the Juggernaut trait (can't be knocked prone, +100% Attack, +25% splash damage)

+ Added the Brutal Nature juggernaut trait (+100% attack)

+ Added the Frenzy juggernaut trait (+4 initiative)

+ Added the Heart of Stone juggernaut trait (+20 defense vs cutting)

+ Added the Ignore Pain juggernaut trait (+40 hit points)

+ Added the Maul juggernaut trait (grants the unit Maul)

+ Added the Uncontrolled Rage juggernaut trait (+50% splash damage)

+ Added the Tempered Steel trait (iron golem only, raises the defense)

+ Added Henchmen designable unit (altar only, use equipment and gain levels like champions, 50 influence to recruit)

+ Heroic faction trait gives +50 influence and +1 faction prestige whenever they complete a quest (assigned to Altar)

+ Added the Air Adept I-III henchmen traits (give access to minor air spells)

+ Added the Earth Adept I-III henchmen traits (give access to minor earth spells)

+ Added the Fire Adept I-III henchmen traits (give access to minor fire spells)

+ Added the Life Adept I-III henchmen traits (give access to minor life spells)

+ Added the Water Adept I-III henchmen traits (give access to minor water spells)

+ Added the Cook henchman trait (+1 healing for units in the army)

+ Added Shieldwall as a henchman trait (+5 defense for the army)

+ Added the Bard henchman trait (+10% xp for the army)

+ Added the Shieldman henchmen unit

+ Added the Bard henchman unit

+ Added the Torch Bearer henchman unit

+ Henchmen don't count as champions for xp division (ie: Army xp is divided by the amount of champions in it, henchmen don't affect this number)

+ Added hot key tool tips to Govern, Spellbook, and Turn buttons

+ Hooked up hot keys for the above

+ Hooked up hot keys to take players between cities [ and ]

+ Added the Cloak of Thorns spell (reflects 25% of the damage taken back at the attacker)

+ Added the Hurl Boulder spell (adept earth 1 spell for a minor ranged attack)

+ Added the No Armor faction weakness (assigned to resoln, this faction can't learn the armor, hevay armor or arcane armor techs)

+ Added the Binding faction ability (assigned to resoln, their shard shrines summon special elementals like camps)

+ Added the Crow Demon unit (binding summon, can cast thunderstirke and titans breath)

+ Added the Burning Wraith unit (binding summon, has the Feed the Fire ability, tactical stackable ability that increases their attack)

+ Added the Mirror Elemental unit (binding summon, 100% of the damage done to a mirror elemental is also done to the attacker)

+ Added the Grave Elemental unit (binding summon, regenerates and has the harbinger traits)

+ Added the Aid spell (minor heal spell for henchmen)

+ Added the Broken Loyalties spell (switch a city to your control for a huge amount of influence)

+ Added the Betrayers faction ability (assigned to Kraxis, allows them to recruit empire and kingdom champions and use the Broken Loyalties spell)

+ Krax blood gives the unit the ability to Fortify a tile in tactical combat, units in fortified tiles get +10 to Accuracy and +30 to Dodge

+ Added the Undying Curse trait (when this unit kills a victim this unit gains an additional member to its group, to a max of 9 members)

+ Added the Cyndrum Demon (binding summon, has the Undying Curse trait)

+ Master Scouts faction ability keeps monster player units from attacking the player, though they can attack monsters (Tarth ability)



+ Fixed an issue with Curse and Curse city using the wrong icons

+ Alchemists labs req 100 crystal instead of taking 1 crystal per turn (they were causing players to drop into negative crystals when they didn’t have mines or overbuilt them)

+ Burning Blade, Stoneskin, Summon Fire Elemental, Summon Earth Elemental, Summon Shadow Warg, and Summon Ice Elemental can no longer be cast twice (once with the strategic version and once with the tactical version)

+ Fixed the desc on the Finesse ability

+ Fixed an issue with the Path of the Assassin trait giving +150% crit damage instead of +50%

+ Fixed an issue causing loot to not be given when defending

+ Fixed annoying camera bug where the camera would center on units that had been attacked but actually had off-screen units selected

+ Fixed an issue that was making Grip of Winter permanent

+ Syphon Soul now correctly reduces the victims attack by 25% and gives that amount to the caster

+ Fixed an issue keeping Titan's Breath from working if it was used as an ability (ie: from an Air Elemental)

+ Fixed an issue allowing a player to spend an additional point in create sovereign if he picks his sovereign last (you cheaters!)

+ Fixed an issue causing the Path of the Assassin's +50% critical damage to be applied per level instead of a flat bonus

+ Fixed an issue causing troll camps to be unbuilable

+ Fixed an issue causing captured sovereigns to not show their mount/equipment correctly




+ Hardy sovereign talent makes the unit immune to poison

+ Natural Leader sovereign talent makes recruiting champions free

+ Scholar sovereign background increases research by 10%

+ Wealthy sovereign talent gives 1000 gildar instead of 200

+ Rebalanced lair distribution (high level lairs are less common, but more low level lairs upgrade now)

+ Added late game versions of the bandit, butcherman and cave bear lairs

+ Reduced the damage on the Ignys Bow slightly

+ Adventurers Boon trait now gives 15 hit points instead of 10

+ Graceful trait gives +2 init along with making the unit immune to being knocked prone, it requires the fast trait

+ Potential trait gives +15/+20/+25% xp instead of +10/15/20%

+ Trainer abilities give +10%/15%/20% xp instead of +5%/10%/15%

+ River Slags and Slags gain Bash

+ Experience gained from battle is now scaled based on world size

+ You only get free city defenders if you founded the city

+ Objects that are hidden by FOW are no longer able to be interacted with (cities, etc.)

+ Some big monsters gain splash damage

+ Amarian’s get -1 hp per level

+ Tarth blood ability increased to +3 attack and init when in groups of 3 or less

+ Trog blood gives +1 attack

+ Increased the crit damage on the vital strike abilities

+ Reduced the pop required for city level 1 from 60 to 50

+ Increase Darkling Rider init from 20 to 24

+ Most quest battles can now be delayed (you can choose to come back later)

+ Increased the reward on the Trolls quest from the Ring of storms to a Scinan Broadsword

+ Slightly increased minimum XP gained from killing things

+ Marginal tile yield tiles have been removed

+ Combat rating to XP ration increased from 5% to 7.5%

+ Bashing Maul does 50% splash damage

+ Titanic Maul does 75% splash damage

+ Mirror Shield now reflects 25% of the damage back at the attacker

+ Removed the squads tech

+ Logistics and Company's moved into the civ tree

+ Increased Balance from +5 Dodge and -2 hit points to +10 Dodge and -1 hit points

+ Removed the Tough unit design trait

+ Changed Fury form +1 attack and -3 hit points to +1 attack and -1 hit point

+ Lithe increased from +3 dodge to +10 dodge

+ Precision gives +10 accuracy instead of +5

+ Shieldwall is a defender ability instead of a unit design trait and it gives +5 defense to the army instead of +1

+ Spell Resistance gives +20 spell resistance instead of +10

+ Several monsters given the Uncontrolled Rage trait (splash damage)

+ Butcherman gain the Undying Curse trait

+ Fireballs casting time reduced from 2 to 1, but it will also damage friendly units in range

+ Units don't get additional movement from roads in enemy territory



+ Faction power wnd now appears over the terrain wnd

+ Added the one handed spear animations

+ If a player is casting the spell of making it is now displayed in the faction power wnd

+ New Verga background

+ New Ceresa background

+ Tile Yields display is now ON by default

+ New fallen environment terrain

+ New fallen environment trees



+ Monsters less aggressive about going after cities

+ AI a little bit more effective at shopping for equipment

+ Fixed major AI bug in which AI treated monster lairs as "goodie huts". It didn't "see" the monsters on them and thus would get killed over and over.

+ AI relations change more gradually

+ AI manages its strategic spells and mana more effectively

+ AI interacts with player somewhat more often in general

+ AI more generous about valuating spells

+ Monster aggressiveness is now more varied between difficulty levels

+ Fixed a weird issue where a monster would just get stuck never moving.

+ Fixed monster bug where it would want to attack a city but its patrol radius kept it from attacking

+ Doubled/tripple checked to make sure monsters like eating AI as much as humans (they do, players just notice when the bugs above helped AI).

+ AI will offer to trade tech with players

+ AI takes faction prestige into account when determining relations

+ Updated the tool tips for difficulty level. Note: The default difficulty for AI is normal. If you win, turn up the difficulty level before asking us to make normal harder for everyone else. If you can beat Hard, then come talk to us.

+ New difficulty levels (Expert and Insane).


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on May 17, 2012

Oh yeah...

on May 17, 2012

A new, new game is about to start soon...

on May 17, 2012


on May 17, 2012


on May 17, 2012

Want now

on May 17, 2012

Wow this patch looks amazing.

It will be interesting to see how the no armor trait works out... Since in my experience nothing beats well armored troops.

on May 17, 2012

looks like a good one

on May 17, 2012

Wow this patch looks amazing.

It will be interesting to see how the no armor trait works out... Since in my experience nothing beats well armored troops.

It's definitely a major disadvantage.  One of the reason they get spiders is to help them control the battle with webs.  They are the least able to go toe to toe with another faction.  But they have spells, summons and spiders to make up for it.

on May 17, 2012

Looks interesting.

on May 17, 2012

Looks GOOD!!!  Keep up the good work!!

on May 17, 2012

That's quite the list of changes ... can't wait to give it a spin. Can't decide between Resoln's endless summon... or Altar's henchmens, although they sort of make sions look bad.


One point though, I might not ask people to beat hard before giving AI feedback, there's some odd quirks with that mode's bonuses right now. They are suppose to be getting a 10% bonus, but I've seen their bonus hover between 10-20% depending on when I check it. To make it worse, the various % all stacks, so 10% bonus to research, 10% bonus to growth and 10% bonus to production (along with everything else) makes them waaaay more powerful than your average challenging AI. For example... in challenging, I could just fool around all day and still be top ranked (often double/trippling the 2nd player), where as, if I wasn't careful in hard, I'll find myself being out ranked 4-6 times by the top AI. I have a game like that going right now where I had a bad start and ended up next to last at one point (and out ranked 6 to 1 by Gilden), and although I'm winning (crushed Gilden and a fake Altar led by... Ceresa? no idea why that happened), I'm still seeing an almost endless horde of champion geared units (and heroes - not sure how they are buying so many of those) which makes the game a serious slog (of course my armies are all super leveled thanks to killing tons and tons of super units). I've said this before, there's a pretty big difficulty gap right now: challenging is a bit too easy, and hard is quite hard... so either tone down hard mode a bit, or add something in between to fill the difficulty gap. I'm pretty sure most players (the ones crying about monster difficulty) would never stand a chance in hard as it is now.

on May 18, 2012


+ Removed the squads tech

+ Logistics and Company's moved into the civ tree

+ Slightly increased minimum XP gained from killing things

See some new changed is good, but I worr about that 3 thing, is that mean our army unit smaller? like 3 people? or 5? I love full of many men army, what is going on? Why increased minimun XP? it's been harder and unable to level over 12 to 14 level? in .912 where I had 30 level sov, and it's ton fun, but in .913 to .914 sov fight endless battle yet no reward for level more than 13 to 14, no fun.

on May 18, 2012

+ Natural Leader sovereign talent makes recruiting champions free


This seems very handy.  Especially for those champions that cost about $3000 smackolas!

on May 18, 2012

+ Added the No Armor faction weakness (assigned to resoln, this faction can't learn the armor, hevay armor or arcane armor techs)

+ Added the Binding faction ability (assigned to resoln, their shard shrines summon special elementals like camps)

Love it.  Looking forward to this installment.

on May 18, 2012

Henchmen?  I like.


What about monsters getting cozy with cities set up within a square of their lairs, and never attacking?